Producer’s Note:

Today, we continue with our series on how to enhance your enjoyment in a job search. Being well prepared and confident will make a measurable difference in the outcome. However, there is no silver bullet. It is just blocking and tackling. But you are in control. It’s your choice.

One of the greatest feelings you can have is sitting for an important test, quickly scanning through the questions, and realizing you’ve got this.

That will release a lot of anxiety and stress as you realize that your hard work is about to pay off. Oh, what a feeling. Here are the first steps you should master to generate that feel-great confidence that will make your job search more enjoyable, even fun.

First, make a plan. Start at the end and work back to where you are today. It is enormously freeing to envision where you want to end your career – your job and your financial security. Think about what it will take for you to achieve that goal. This puts you in control. Second, understand your value today. What knowledge and strengths do you bring to the table? What do you need to add to achieve your goal?

Let’s get started. If you have questions or you are struggling, book a free, no-obligation telephone call. We are here to help.