PRODUCER’S NOTE:  For the vast majority of you, conducting a job search is not easy, and it is not fun.  Self-promotion makes you uncomfortable, and rejection sucks.  It does not have to be that way.  This week, we will focus on helping you make it easier and more enjoyable.   

Every day you have repetitive tasks that are part of your job. You master them and get the work done, even if they are not your favorite things to do.  

But when you lose your job, you are forced into an unfamiliar role:  finding a job is uncomfortable territory.

Most of the tasks associated with a job search are foreign to displaced employees. From defining your value to navigating Applicant Tracking System BOTs that review your credentials and experience before deciding whether you will be referred to a human being or discarded to the “black hole” of unwanted resumes, these are not tasks most of you enjoy. Self-promotion is uncomfortable, and rejection is painful. Many people prolong their job search because they avoid essential tasks. 

This week GotAMinute will show you how to make the process easier and more enjoyable.

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