PRODUCER’S NOTE:  Floundering around is never a nice look, especially if you are struggling to find a job to advance your career.  It is not high on anyone’s list of favorite things to do.  Check today’s videos and next week’s episodes.  We will show you how to make it easier and achieve a great outcome.  

Many managers and executives would rather undergo a root canal without an anesthetic than conduct a job search.  They hate putting together a resume and then suffer the frequent rejection that comes with today’s online submission process.

  1. Reduce the sting of rejection.  Stop applying for jobs for which you are not qualified.  If your credentials, prior experience, and record of accomplishment don’t meet 90 percent of the job’s requirements, invest your time elsewhere.
  2. Stop relying on online applications.  The odds against you, even if you are supremely qualified, range between 120 and 150 to one.  Invest in building a vibrant professional network comprised of executives and managers employed by companies where you would like to work.  Build your network now, not after you enter the job market.
  3. Be prepared to sell yourself.  Companies are looking for value, not just another employee.