PRODUCER’S NOTE: Some employers get a bit cranky when John touches on this subject – poor employer recruiting and applicant screening, but it is a fact of life. The research on executive recruitment performance confirms that. Smart job seekers should seize on this opportunity to achieve a powerful advantage.

Recruiters say one of their biggest frustrations is poor preparation by job applicants – they haven’t done their homework on the employer or the job’s requirements.

Well-prepared applicants do a better job interviewing. They excel in addressing the employer’s needs. Simply put, they do a better job selling themselves. In this competitive job market, an applicant who touches these points is more likely than not to be selected. But there is another vital reason to be prepared – the prospective employer is often poorly prepared.

Applicants frequently report the interviewers have not even read their resumes. One reason the new-hire turnover rate is so high in the first 24 months is shoddy recruiting and inept screening by employers. If you are prepared and the employer is not, that can be a powerful advantage.