PRODUCER’S NOTE:  It always surprises us how many people, including some certified experts, are not up to date on your resume’s best practices, or they misuse key terminology. 

Today John explodes a myth for those who use the terms CV and resume interchangeably.  

Many people stumble in their job search early in the process.

They believe that a CV is a synonym for a resume. 

Resume and Curriculum Vitae are NOT the same.  They do not look the same.

The resume, whether it is chronological, which is the format that recruiters and ATS scanners prefer, or functional, which some resume writers will use to try and cover up short tenures, emphasizes your work history with job title, the scope of responsibility, and relevant quantifiable accomplishments along with your academic achievements, professional credentials, and your civic involvements and contributions.  

A curriculum vitae is submitted for jobs in academia, scientific research, and medical fields.  The CV is a credential-based document providing a comprehensive (and often lengthy) listing of one’s education, certifications, research experience, professional affiliations, and memberships.