There is more to being a leader than just doing your job and balancing business and personal interests. In virtually every company in the world, the front office has more executives than leaders. Check out this video to learn an important difference.  

You are busy.  

Your schedule is filled with meetings. 

You have quarterly reports to write, and you are trying to spend more time with your family.

Then you open an email or take a phone call – it is a college senior or a recent graduate who wants to set up an informational interview. It is networking.

They are not from your school or social club.  They do not know anyone you know.  

Then the inevitable question escapes: 

Why should I take the time?  Why should I care?

I have a question that may help you:  Do you aspire to be a leader, or are you content with being an executive?  

Not all who occupy offices in the executive suite are leaders.  More importantly, not all intelligent and capable college graduates will have the same opportunity to achieve without the help and guidance of someone like you.