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John will be the first to admit that he has enjoyed a great career with the help of some great colleagues and some very good luck.  But in the late1970s he unknowingly made an epic networking mistake that cost him millions in potential future income.  Learn more in this video.

In the mid-1970s, after successfully helping launch Hermann Hospital’s Life Flight emergency helicopter transport program, I got the opportunity of a lifetime – to be the national marketing lead for the helicopter company. 

I met and did business with dozens of CEOs and their teams from Los Angeles to New York.  When I left the company after three years of extensive travel, I walked away from those contacts.  I did not stay in touch.

In the late 1990s, as I was working to build my executive search business with C-suite engagements, the people who could have helped me, those executives I knew from my helicopter marketing days, already had solid search firm relationships.  I was successful in building my global search practice but my epic misstep with networking made my road to success more challenging.

All I had to do was stay in touch. Don’t make my costly mistake.