PRODUCER’S NOTE: Words are important, especially when it comes to describing your leadership style. Do you “drive” your employees, strategy, or results? Or do you lead, inspire, and promote?  Check your LinkedIn profile headline.  You may be giving off the wrong vibe.

Here are the most common definitions and synonyms for the word “drive,” a trendy term for LinkedIn profile headlines, as in he/she drives change or drives quality results. 

Here are some of the common meanings and uses of the word drive:

  • As a definition: to propel or carry along by force in a specified direction
  • As a synonym: power, propel, move, push force, compel, constrain, impel, press, prompt, precipitate, catapult, oblige, coerce, make, pressure, goad, spur, prod
  • Used for fact or feeling: to compel (someone) to act in a particular way, especially one that is considered undesirable or inappropriate

Perhaps “drive” is simply more popular than appropriate for your LinkedIn profile headline. Words matter, especially when defining your style.

I am partial to lead, promote, or how about inspire? These are words more uplifting and accurate than the term drive.