Your resume is your first interview.  And it is what gets the vast majority of job applicants eliminated from further consideration.  Automation and artificial intelligence now determine who will be considered for employment. Here are three things you must do to avoid getting kicked out before you ever get a chance to tell your story in person.

  1. Apply only for those jobs that you qualified for.  Do not waste your time if you do not meet at least 90 percent of the selection requirements spot-on. This will only add to your frustration and sense of rejection.
  2. Customize your resume using keywords and phrases from the job description.  Remember, it is a computer’s algorithm making the decision.
  3. Avoid stylized design.  Boxes, excessive use of color, or boldface type will not help, and it probably will get you eliminated if the computer misreads your formatting. Use plain text or MS Word for your submissions.