Producer’s Note: Successful leadership is more about soft skills than the hard-nosed world of strategy and tactics.  That idea makes many of today’s leaders uneasy but it is true. Some of this nation’s greatest leaders succeeded because they learned how to use their hearts.

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Football is a contact sport. So is basketball.  If you doubt the truthfulness of that claim, you have never tried to guard a large, stoutly constructed forward undertake basket. 

They say politics also is a contact sport. 

In the early days of the Great Depression, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt experienced brutal criticism from political operatives from both parties who felt it was unseemly for a woman to play such a high-profile role serving as her husband’s eyes and ears across America. Their criticism did not deter the first lady or thwart the public’s admiration for her work. Mrs. Roosevelt understood a fundamental human principle lost on many in government — then and now.

“To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.”  

This was the secret to her success in helping revive the nation’s spirits and confidence.

It is a rule business leaders today should remember.