As we approach the start of Spring — officially at 11:43 AM on Sunday — there are a few certainties:  spring will begin while some unfortunate souls will still be shoveling snow. Easter is less than a month away, and colored eggs and chocolate Easter Bunnies will be the latest obsession of parents with small children.  Global inflation is driving up prices and exacerbating existing supply chain bottlenecks. 

And between today and April 12, more than 6 million people will quit their jobs. No, most will not file for unemployment insurance.  The vast majority will end up with better-paying jobs and nicer benefits.  

If you haven’t figured this out, let me clue you in:  Companies spent decades demanding total loyalty from employees while treating them as just a necessary but frequently a disposable expense.

The Great Resignation that we have witnessed for the last eight months is just payback time.