Here is one of the most common mistakes job applicants make in an interview.

They focus on convincing the hiring authority that they are knowledgeable, possess the requisite skills, and be successful. These are undoubtedly essential interview objectives. But there is one other important factor that frequently is overlooked.

Did they like you? Were you able to engage the interviewer in such a way that there was a feeling of trust?

“Employers hire likeability and trustworthiness.”

This is a common failing.

Before your next interview, stop and think about how you can communicate that you are not only a qualified applicant who is a team player but that you are someone who your colleagues will like and trust. Practice that message.

Remember, the job market is highly competitive. You must showcase your knowledge, skills, a record of accomplishment, engaging personality, and trustworthiness.

Employers hire likeability and trustworthiness.