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Guess what?  The machine automation and sophisticated computer programs that are making your job search so tricky today, their technological cousins will eliminate millions of jobs through automation over the next 10 years.

How is that even remotely fair? 

As a former boss once chastised me for complaining about what I thought was an unfair business practice, “John, if you want fair, come to Dallas in October.  They call it the state fair.”

The fact is that the United States, like any other developed nation, does not exist or thrive in a vacuum.  Businesses that do not adapt, using technology to reduce costs to secure or protect market share, will eventually find themselves relegated to second or third-world status.

One stunning example: McKinsey’s Global research team forecasts that artificial intelligence will have a $5 to $7 trillion impact globally on white-collar jobs alone.  

Unless you are on the verge of retirement, you cannot afford to ignore this unsettling reality.