Here are three truths about your job search.

One of the most common telephone calls recruiters receive sounds like this: “Hello, I need you to find me a job!” The caller’s tone is frantic and panicked. They do not know how the recruitment process works.

Here are three critical truths about your job search.

  1. You are responsible for marketing yourself.   This is a big part of the problem.   People do not like to make cold calls, and they are uncomfortable promoting themselves, but you cannot avoid this. If you depend on a recruiter, you will be exposed to about 30 percent of the available jobs.
  2. The employment process will not move as fast as you want.   Always have multiple job opportunities moving forward simultaneously.   
  3. If you work hard, you WILL succeed. From cold calling, using social media to expand your network, and mastering the art of appropriate self-promotion, you must do these things.