You are looking for a job or seeking a critical introduction.  You compose an email, hit the send button, and then nothing.  No response. 

I hate wasting time.  I bet you do, too.  But that is precisely what happens when we compose an email and then, as an afterthought, drop in some words for the subject line.  Or worse, we leave the subject blank.

The subject line will determine when or if your email will be read or if the reader takes action.

Here are three critical rules for the subject line:

  1. Compose your subject line before you draft your email.
  2. Length matters – Typical inbox subject line reveals about 60 characters.  Mobile phones show about 25 to 30 characters.  Almost half of all emails are read on mobile devices.
  3. Get to the point, don’t waste words.  Include a call to action.