PRODUCER’S NOTE: The ‘Big Adios’ to Continue Into 2022

A trend that began in late Spring continues, and business analysts project it will carry forward into the new year.

Yes, the “Big Adios,” the “Great Resignation,” the “Great Reshuffle,” the “Take this Job and Shove It,” or whatever you choose to call it, is continuing.   September’s quit rate, the month for which the latest numbers are available, set a record that had stood for two decades.  While the employment rate decline slightly, there is every indication that workers will continue to test their value by quitting their existing jobs, many before they have lined up a replacement.  

So far, higher salaries and better benefits have not been successful in stemming the tide.  Why? More on that later this week, but you might be on the right track if you are guessing that employees want more satisfaction.