Three applicants, all with almost identical credentials, excellent knowledge, skills, and experience, meet the requirements to turn around a troubled department.  All three finalists performed well in their in-depth interviews. 

As the hiring authority, how will you decide who to hire?

Will you select the person from the school with the best reputation, or will you give the edge to the applicant that is board certified in a relevant specialty?  Or perhaps to the applicant who currently works for a nationally respected employer?

First, the quality of the school’s academic reputation is a poor indicator of future performance.

Second, certifications are equally unreliable, as is the reputation of a previous employer.

Assuming each applicant explained how they will help our organization, I am going to select the applicant who credibly says, “You can trust me to fix these problems.”

You rarely hear this in a job interview. It is a powerful differentiator: accountability

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