Is it better to interview first or last?

Job seekers frequently ask this question. 

My answer?  It depends. 

How good are you at interviewing? 

  • Are you a good storyteller able to connect your experiences with the needs of the prospective employer?
  • Can you form deep connections with people in a relatively short period of time, as in the length of the interview?
  • Can you get the interviewer to focus emotionally on your narrative?

If you can do those things, and do them well, then it doesn’t matter when you are called to interview.

You see, forming a deep connection with the interviewer, being able to link their emotions with your personality and record of success are among the most important “deciders.” People remember stories, not facts. And when you connect emotionally, well now you have an advantage.

If you are not good at those elements, then it does not matter when you interview.

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