The “Great Resignation ” in which millions of dissatisfied workers have left their jobs over the past five months signals a reset between labor and management. Today, John poses an important question: if you are unhappy with your job and your boss, what the hell are you waiting on. This 60-second video examines three steps you should take if you plan to join the Great Resignation.

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Do you feel stuck in a job you don’t like?

Here are three key action steps you should take to make a difference in your career, from the work you do to the money you make. 

  1. You are intelligent and capable. Quit killing time in a job you do not enjoy.  What are you waiting for? Get off your butt and go after your better life.  Set goals for job and salary and then develop a career advancement plan. 
  2. Work your career plan.   Build professional networks of people who can help you improve your career, not selfish clowns who are only interested in selling you something.   They are time wasters. 
  3.  Sell yourself.  You’ve heard this before, but it is the truth.  You must work it to achieve it. You are not entitled.   Whether an employer or a bank loan officer, you must sell yourself if you expect to succeed.

What the hell are you waiting for?

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