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For many, using the online application process is the easiest way to apply for a new job.  But here is the thing:  it is inefficient, the odds are terrible and you have little or no control over the process. So is it the best way?  

No, absolutely not.

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Most job seekers play the numbers game: they devote significant time looking online for jobs.  Clicking the “APPLY” button is easy.  It is less uncomfortable.  You do not have to deal with immediate rejection.

“There are three epic problems with relying on online submissions to find a job.”


There are three epic problems with this approach:

  1. First, you may be rejected but you will never know.  ATS screening systems do not send notifications.
  2. Your odds of finding a job online stink: about 152 to one. Lightning does strike, but this is the least efficient path to success.
  3. If that were not enough, 50 percent of available jobs are not posted online. This means that to identify these opportunities, you will have to make telephone calls or ask for help from people you probably do not know. Cold calling is a fate worse than death for most of you.

Moral of this story.  The best time to look for a job is when you still have a job. Be strategic.

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