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The CEO applicant, the supposed frontrunner, settled in for what he anticipated would be a pleasant and engaging conversation with the Board of Directors of a company he wanted to lead. 

The first question could only be categorized as smashmouth. 


The first question could only be categorized as smashmouth.  

“Tell us about your turnover rate.”  After a few spits and stutters, he said, “I don’t know, probably around the national average.” And from there, the interview went downhill.  So, let’s unpack this opening question implosion.  

  1. The applicant had not done his homework.  He did not know or care that this company took enormous pride in its employee satisfaction scores.
  2. He was unprepared.  He could not provide the answer to this vital key performance indicator.
  3. He revealed poor emotional intelligence.  He had no connection with the concept that employees don’t leave companies; they leave bad leaders.  

Bad leaders create a terrible culture, and good employees won’t put up with that.  

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