Setting goals is vital to achieving success, and it is the best way to hold yourself accountable.

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Finding a good executive management or supervisory job in today’s market is tough.  The lingering impact of Covid-19, industry consolidation, plus significant changes in how the job markets work, is confounding to thousands of job seekers.

One of the primary reasons these job seekers struggle is because they do not set goals for their performance, doing what it takes — every day, every week, every month — to find that next better job.


“Goals are dreams with deadlines.”


 Goals are dreams with deadlines. I like that quote.

In 1987 a struggling actor sat down and wrote himself a $10 million check.  He postdated it for Thanksgiving Day, 1995. In 1994, that actor, Jim Cary, earned $10 million for the movie “Dumb and Dumber.”

Setting goals is the best way to hold yourself accountable.

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