Unless you are ready to retire, there will always be the possibility of another job search in your career — one of your own making or the result of a layoff or termination.  This is video is another in our Career Preparedness series.

If you are not getting call-backs for your online submissions, there are two issues you must immediately act on to avoid costly delays.

  1. Stop applying for jobs for which you are not qualified.  Most Applicant Tracking Systems eliminate 75 to 80 percent of resumes for any given position.  Unless your resume is on point with at least 95 percent of the selection criteria, it will never see the light of day.  If you submit to smaller companies or in searches where actual people are reading your resume, you are also wasting their time, hurting your brand with those organizations.
  2. Customize your resume.  If you are not customizing your resume for the specific job you seek, the odds against you are beyond depressing.  You must be qualified and incorporate the employer’s keywords and key phrases from the job description so your scan score will be high enough.

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