Finding that first job is always the hardest job search you will ever do.  This is especially true in times of economic or social stress.  Today we certainly have plenty of social stress with the surging Delta variant and yet another, potentially more serious version with multiple mutations and vaccine-resistant tendencies lurking right around the corner.

Here are three things you need to begin doing by your sophmore year in college.


Here are three things you need to begin doing by your sophomore year in college:

  1. Begin building a strategic network of professional contacts.  If you know the industry in which you want to work, you should begin building your network in targeted companies.
  2. Take the initiative to develop your relationships.  Remember there are thousands of people just like you are knocking on corporate doors.  Add value, differentiate your knock.
  3. Look for internships in the targeted companies or other organizations.  Internships often lead to full-time employment.

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