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Many job seekers treat their references the same way they treat their resumes – an integral part of the recruitment process they wish they didn’t have to manage.

Do not let your reference management become a weakness for your job search.

Here are four action points to ensure your success:

Do not submit your references until your are asked. This will allow you to main some control ofthe process and help you understand where you stand

  1. When you ask your references to serve, explore your experience with them, strengths, and weaknesses. Pin down what they liked about you.
  2. Select references from all angles: a superior, a peer, and a subordinate. Include a fourth in case there is a problem in contacting one. Always provide the recruiter their email address to facilitate the call.
  3. Do not submit your references before you are asked.  This way, you will know where you stand in the process.
  4. Alert your references before they are called. Tell them about the job, the questions they may be asked, and remind them of your successes on those points.

#references #jobsearchtips #jobsearchadvice #careeradvice