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A Mistake Can Balloon Into a National Story, Altering Your Career Trajectory

Ten years ago, a business executive could make a mistake. Even if it led to termination, the news would remain local, save the typical word-of-mouth gossip that is part of any industry grapevine. The damage to the individual’s brand and career prospects was limited. 

What happens in your town no longer stays in your town.


Unfortunately, that is no longer the case.

Digital connectivity has changed everything.  Today there is a good chance that such a controversy will be plucked from the local newspaper, now online, and published in an industry news summary. This once local story will be on display for colleagues and potential employers to see.  What happens in your town no longer stays in your town, which requires an entirely new approach to managing your professional brand. 

From your operational and financial performance to how you manage your relationships and the flow of image information requires a purposeful strategy that will help you avoid career-limiting potholes.

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