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Becoming an interim executive has become an attractive employment option during the pandemic.

The work can be challenging. You can quickly expand your skill sets. The total compensation is generally higher with travel and living expenses than full-time employment, even after self-employment deductions.  

There are some significant drawbacks:

  • You are away from home for weeks at a time.  Most interim executives get home once or twice a month.
  • Travel to and from an assignment can be frustrating.  Frequent delays or missed connections are common complaints.  If you are commuting every week, the physical wear and tear can be exhausting.
  • And then there is this surprise:  once you start accepting these assignments, it can be hard to get off the interim merry-go-round. Moreover, if you do this for any length of time, you will find permanent employers may be reluctant to hire someone with multiple short tenure assignments, even for interim work.

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