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Video Career Advice: 60s

The Chief Strategy Officer for a Fortune 200 company did not plan for what she would do if she suddenly found herself without a job.  

“…the chief of strategy had no strategy for the next phase of her career.”

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In other words, the chief of strategy had no strategy for the next phase of her career.

The erstwhile college senior, who faithfully believed his mother’s assurance that he could do whatever he set his mind to do, suddenly found that finding the first job is one of the most challenging tasks he had ever attempted.  A lack of summer internships or participation in corporate recruiting events proved not to be a useful path to gainful employment.

“…the majority of people do not believe they need a career plan.”


These stories are so widespread. For whatever reason, the majority of people do not think they need a career plan. Digital marketing guru Seth Godin likes to say that doubling down on wrong always makes things worse.

He added: “Luck may not be a strategy, but setting yourself up to be lucky might be.”