On Friday, I shared the biggest career mistake many managers and executives make – the failure to engage in ongoing strategic networking even when they are not actively seeking a new job.

“I just did not realize how important it was for my career advancement” one executive sadly confessed. Now here are the other BIG FOUR career killer mistakes.

Now, here are the other Big Four career mistakes:

Now here are the other BIG FOUR killer career mistakes.

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Number two: failure to establish a career vision and a plan to achieve your goal.

Number three:  failure to establish and sustain a public brand through posting, writing, speaking and volunteering. Digital brand management will be essential to your success. Don’t be invisible.  

And Number four:  Too many job changes, some of which did not add real value to your brand.

Doing a good job will not guarantee you will advance in your career. That may not be fair, but it is the dead-bang truth.

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