Far too many executives and managers are sitting on the unemployed sidelines because they are not leveraging social media tools like LinkedIn.  They don’t like it, they don’t trust it, and they don’t use it, making them all but invisible to corporate and search firm recruiters.  

Unless you change your social media strategy, remaining unemployed will become your new normal. 

Here are three things you can do to begin reversing your invisibility:

First, post industry news at least four times a week. By sharing these stories, you increase your exposure on LinkedIn. 

Second, Write mini-case studies of your biggest successes. Post them to your LinkedIn profile or personal web page.

Third: Produce short videos featuring your Value Brand Statement – this is your why-people-should-hire-me statement. Post this on LinkedIn as well as your web page, professional Facebook page, and Instagram account.

Don’t worry about what your friends or colleagues will say.  Focus more on what prospective employers think and do.

If you have questions, contact John Self. He is happy to share a few minutes to get you moving in the right direction! https://calendly.com/john-1552/we-ve-got-the-answers-for-you