The job market is steadily improving. But the competition for the best management and executive positions remains formidable.

So here are four rules to accelerate your search.

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  1. Don’t get into the habit of waiting around for employers or their recruiters to call. They have plenty of options.  You may be good, but unless you are also famous, no one will know. Seize the moment.
  2. Expand your professional network. Identify organizations and then executives who work there.  Use LinkedIn to make connections.  Use other resources like BombBomb, the email video program, to accelerate the development of those relationships.
  3. Elevate your social media image. If you are not famous, or perhaps infamous, and if you are not active on social media promoting your brand, you might as well be invisible. Promote yourself.
  4. Understand your value. Practice delivering your value statement as well as answers to commonly asked interview questions. Networking will get you to the table, but your effectiveness in a job interview will get you the job.