Things have changed.

Here are my five rules for managing your career in what I hope is a post-pandemic economy.

Rule 1:  Develop a vision that aligns with your core values. Avoid making a lot of money as your vision. You will never have enough to be happy.

Avoid a vision that is all about making a lot of money. You will never have enough to be happy.


Rule 2: Develop your career plan.  Yes, over time, you will need to revise it just like corporations change their plans. Enough said.

Rule 3:  Recruit a personal board of advisors. These are people you can turn to navigate the twisting, sometimes bumpy road to achieving your career goals. Find people with experience and standing who can help you make a difference.

Rule 4:  Focus on your work performance.   Being dedicated and working hard are essential attributes, but your performance – and your accrued knowledge and skills — will define your brand.

Rule 5:  Treat people with respect.  Meeting or exceeding your PKIs is essential, but how you treat people will determine your reputation, which is critical for your success.

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