It is 3:15 AM. You suddenly wake up, sit up in bed.  You are filled with anxiety and dread.  It is so overwhelming that the thought of trying to go back to sleep is a non-starter.  All you can think about is that you do not have a job; you have had almost no interviews, much less an offer.  Your savings are rapidly disappearing. When that money is gone, you have no idea how you will be able to buy food for your family, pay the light bill, the mortgage, and the car loan, much less your expensive COBRE health insurance.

This kind of crisis happens to other people, not you. 

Let me tell you this:  I have been there.  I know how this crushing pressure feels, how debilitating this fear can be, but that you CAN recover.  I did.  I reinvented JohnGSelf and today I am happier than I ever been.

Part Two:  Your Plan for Recovery and Happiness.

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