Executives who would otherwise be confident people report feeling uncertain, disoriented, and or panicky when they began an important job interview.   The more they needed or wanted the position, the more acute the symptoms.

What should you do when this occurs? 

Steady yourself.

A friend described it this way. You are in the shower, and soap gets in your eyes.  Your first reaction is to close them. Immediately you might feel a little disoriented, unsteady. Your following reaction is to reach out and touch the wall of the shower.  Almost instantly the sense of unsteadiness or disorientation, feeling slightly off balance, disappears. The risk of a fall is averted.

Think of the shower wall as a metaphor for the in-depth preparation you need for that job interview.

Check with me tomorrow for Part 2. I will give you specific pointers to help you block all of those distracting reactions.