JGSP: Job Search Tips

We all have that one dominant strength; sometimes, it is a characteristic, that defines who we are.  Mine is my enthusiasm.  Enthusiasm has allowed me to be a star salesperson with no formal training in the discipline of sales.  Incredulous eyewitnesses say it enabled me to succeed in jobs for which I had no training and no particular talent. So, what does my true confession have to do with finding a job?  Well, here is a job search tip that could make a massive difference for you.

Dig down and be enthusiastic in your preparation and during your interview.  Let the prospective employer know that this s a job you want and are prepared to move heaven and earth to get it and to be successful.

This quote, reportedly from the Anglican cleric John Wesley, “Catch on fire with enthusiasm, and people will come for miles to watch you burn,” captures this idea.

Enthusiasm is so important.  It is incredibly powerful.  It can lift your spirits in confidence, and it can shield you from the pain of crushing disappointment that is part of every job search.

Let John Self help you ignite the fires of enthusiasm and accelerate the pace of your job search. No sales pitch, no bait and switch. Just an honest conversation with insight to help you succeed. As an ACHE board member, John believes in helping others. So do not delay, schedule today!