How often does your resume end up in that proverbial “black hole?” You uploaded it to an employer’s website and all you heard was nothing. Frustrating as hell!

Even if you spend a fortune for an “optimized” resume by professionals, you still not getting much traction. Here is a thought: Stop wasting your time and money.

Two words: keywords and customization. If you are not using the keywords and phrases from a specific job posting, the chances of earning the favor of the Applicant Tracking System’s algorithms that screen resume submissions are greatly reduced. More than likely, your resume and you will end up in that “dark hole,” along with 75 to 80 percent of all the resumes that were submitted for a specific position, and the employer will never know you were interested unless you have internal contacts who will champion your cause.

Learn more, schedule time for a free resume review with John Self. He will share information that you should know before investing your money on a new resume that will have constantly change and be updated.