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Sarah came to me last year with a problem — lots of interviews, no job offers.

My interview revealed her problem. Because she did not want to brag her answers were painfully blah, blah, blah.  

After hearing her values, we crafted an answer to a commonly asked first questions in a job interview:  Tell us about yourself. Here is Sarah’s story:

“I grew up on a large, successful dairy farm where my parents stressed the importance of hard work and accountability. After my dad died suddenly, there were tough times, but we all pulled together and survived.  This crisis helped me understand the importance of security. 

“I learned that security is not something to which I am entitled.  It is something that must be earned each and every day. It is earned by showing up on time with a smile and a commitment to do the best I can do. I earn this by respecting and trusting my colleagues and by honoring our customers. And I earn this by caring about the success of my employer.”

Sarah got the job. More tomorrow.

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