How the heck do you prepare for a job interview? 

It is impossible to know what questions you will be asked. 

I hear that a lot in my career coaching practice. Relax, it is not that complicated if you act on these three points:

  1. The average person will hold 12 jobs over a 32-year career, according to research. This equates to 30 to 50 interviews in a lifetime. Every time you are interviewed, make a list of the questions. You are going to hear the same questions over and over.
  2. Screening interviews focus on your experience and chronological career progression. Identify one or two accomplishments from each job. If there are employment gaps, be prepared with a succinct explanation.  If there is a question you hope they don’t ask, be prepared with your answer
  3. Look at the job summary.  That is your roadmap for issues the employer will want to explore. Make a list of questions you would ask if you were conducting the interview. That, too, can be a good guide for your preparation.

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