From a viewer: “I am scheduled for an important job interview.   What advice can you offer

Two things: be prepared and be enthusiastic.”

Practice answering commonly asked questions like “tell us about yourself” or “why do you want to work for us.”

At the interview, be enthusiastic.  Enthusiasm has magical power.

In the mid-1970s, I was hired as the national marketing manager for the largest helicopter ambulance provider despite having no prior sales experience. Besides my ability to fog a mirror, my only qualification was having served as the first director of MemorialHermann Hospital’s Life Flight service.  Three years later, I had closed 14 deals with hospitals across the nation. The secret to my success?


Anglican cleric John Wesley once said, “Catch on fire with enthusiasm, and people will come from miles to watch you burn.”

And they will remember.  Don’t cover your flame.

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