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Along with publishing and retail, the healthcare industry is, or will, soon be twisting in the winds of a disrupted business model. For some executives and managers, adapting to these changes simply will not be enough. It is time to plan for the possible layoff in your personal life.

As we emerge from Pandemic restrictions, the economic outlook is indeed bright, robust in fact. But, the business model changes that are and will continue to occur in these three industries, for example, are unrelated to economic growth. If anything, consumer spending and significant reductions in the overall unemployment picture could accelerate the pace of change.

Here are three steps you can take to help you navigate the expected disruptions.

  1. Identify a trusted advisor. Without delay, find a knowledgeable colleague or colleagues with whom you can test your concerns and strategies to avoid or minimize the pain of career disruption.
  2. Grow your cash reserves.  A critical KPI for executives is days of cash on hand. You live with this at work. You should apply the same discipline at home. Stop buying expensive toys for a while.
  3. Build your strategic network, people within organizations where you might like to work.  Use your professional association as your primary target of contacts. This type of networking can be better than LinkedIn.  Accelerate building these relationships using video emails and periodic “water fountain meet-ups” on Zoom to share ideas and industry news.

If you have questions, we can help you answer those questions.  Schedule a free consultation.  No obligation. . We are here to help you navigate these changes.