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In a business environment where uncertainly continues to impact strategic options, including hiring, and new technology and performance expectations have significantly altered the hiring process, managers and executives must be job-search ready in the event of a sudden termination or layoff.

Here are three steps you should take:

  1. Keep your resume up to date. Be sure it reflects your current employer, title, the scope of responsibility as well as your signature accomplishments supported by metrics
  2. The resume that you must use today is, in many ways, different from the document we used just five years ago. Learn about Applicant Tracking Systems, algorithms, and keywords. Develop a basic document that is compatible with today’s technology.
  3. Master this critical question:  Why should we hire you? This is all about communicating your value. Hit a home run with your answer and you have a significantly better chance of beating your competition.

If you have questions, you can reach me at John@JohnGSelf.Com.

More concrete steps tomorrow.