To avoid a nasty surprise with your new job, it is essential to ask the prospective employer’s right questions.   The questions will vary, to a degree, based on the title and scope of responsibility, but here are some core questions you should ask.
  1. What is the organization’s culture?
  2. Is this a new position or a replacement search?
  3. Why did the last person leave?
  4. What is the runover rate?
  5. How will you define my success or failure at the end of my first year?
  6. Is the organization in stable financial condition?
  7. What is the most important thing I should know if I am offered this position?
  8. Do members of the senior team model the organization’s written values?
  9. Does the organization see its employees as an expense or an asset?
  10. Is the organization siloed with competition among the executives?

This is just a partial list.  If you have concerns, share them with your mentor, career coach to get their input, or schedule a free consultation with John Self, a nationally recognized interview coach.