When I teach the interview course for executives and managers, one of the most frequently asked questions is what degrees are permissible to list after my name at the top of my resume.

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The answer is a terminal degree, the highest degree you can earn in a field of study and, as such, is considered a professional credential. Terminal degrees include MD, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Doctor of Dental Science, Doctor of Philosophy – well, you get the point.

An MBA is not a terminal degree. It should not be used after one’s name.  Master’s degrees should be listed with other academic degrees and certifications at the bottom of your resume.

What about professional certifications, CPA, and similar designations?  The answer is they should be used after one’s name. The same is true with any relevant subject matter expertise credential you earn following independent testing.  If you have multiple certifications, only use those appropriate for the job you are seeking.