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One of the most overlooked assets of a job search is your references.  Far too many executives and managers see the references as part of the end game, a close-the-deal element of their job search.  That can be a huge mistake.

Things to consider when choosing and using your references:

  1. Select a sufficient number of references – superiors, peers and subordinates – in case you go through more than four or five finalist shots – so that you don’t wear out one group.  Reference fatigue can lead to less than stellar references.
  2. Interview your references regarding your weaknesses, strengths, and other commonly asked areas of inquiry.  This information may be helpful in preparing for interviews.
  3. Give the references a heads up when you know a call will be coming, and send them talking points regarding your accomplishments.  At the end of the search, let your references know the outcome.

There are other issues to consider with your references.  If you have questions, contact us at YourCareerSuccess@JohnGSelf.Com.  We are here to help.