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We all have things we like to do and those things that we dislike, even hate with a passion.

It is human nature to do those things we like to do first. 

The things we dislike come second, at some point, and the things we hate, or even those things that scare us because we do not understand, may never get done. 

This combination of our likes, dislikes, and the things that scare us can create havoc in our job search.  The people who frequently struggle unknowingly sabotage their search for a new position because they fail to perform poorly perform some of the vital daily tasks — the why is less important than what they fail to do. 

When money is tight, people looking for work are reluctant to spend any cash for help, even it means the investment for an experienced coach will help accelerate their job search.

A coach will challenge clients to do everything they need to do, not just the tasks that make them feel comfortable.