It is Thursday. You Got A Minute?

If you want something in life, you must be prepared to work for it.  In a day when most recruiters are transactionally oriented, the thought that they will invest the time to identify the absolute best applicant is simply an illusion search firms like to promote so do not sit around waiting to be discovered.

Today, here are two overarching principles you must embrace:

  1. You will achieve your career goals if you are willing to do what it takes.  The short term is all about performance and building your brand. Your performance, your verifiable record of accomplishment, is absolutely vital.
  2. The long-term is about identifying leaders in your field who will give you advice and speak of your skills. You must be willing to tout your performance and your accomplishments. You do that digitally — with case studies, blog posts, and ongoing personal outreach.  Can you achieve your goals without this type of activity? Yes, and you can be struck by lightning in a thunderstorm.

Advancing in your career will become increasingly difficult without a digital presence and a strategic network to help you along.

John G. Self

If you are uncomfortable with those principles, you may need to take a step back and re-think your career goals.

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