Got A Minute?  There is a respected executive in a medium-sized regional market.  Local colleagues know who she is and are aware of her accomplishments, but she is just another face in the crowd at state or national meetings. She has the skills and presence to be a CEO, her lifelong dream, but there is no room for advancement in her market.

Another executive in the state’s largest city is a top operations leader. He is highly respected. He regularly attends national conferences but shies away from networking meetings. He, too, has a dream:  to be a COO.

As the business intelligence grapevine retreats from traditional word-of-mouth exchanges to social media platforms, both are invisible.

In today’s digitally controlled word-of-mouth communications, if you are not active in advancing your brand, your dream job may pass you by.  Being successful, doing a good job is no longer enough. 

Join me for Part 3 tomorrow.

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