It is Monday morning. Got A Minute? More than 95 percent of America knows Tampa Bay won the Super Bowl last night.  Knowing the outcome was not a word-of-mouth phenomenon. The game, after all, was broadcast across the US. People around the world followed the action on the Internet.
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Now let’s talk about your career and promoting your job search. Your current boss values you, but you have bigger ambitions.  You want a better job that enhances your satisfaction and provides your family with greater financial security.

You are a talented leader with an impressive record.  You attend a few local professional meetings and, from time to time, a state or national trade show. You try to keep up with friends from graduate school, but you are pretty busy and so are they.

Are you going to rely on a global TV broadcast to get your name out there?  Of course, not.

How are you going to get noticed, especially in this crowded job market? 

The digital age has disrupted the old construct for word-of-mouth promotion.

Follow me tomorrow.

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