Got A Minute?  It is early Sunday morning and I have spent a considerable amount of time

I am a former crime writer and investigative reporter for a Texas newspaper.  For more than three years, I prowled Houston’s mean streets covering stabbings, grabbings and shootings, along with drug-land executions. So, you might consider me to be jaded.  Frankly, if I were still doing that work, I probably would be

Today, following a successful 25-year career in global executive search working in six countries on four continents, I am lucky enough now to help people who have lost their jobs compete for a new, better position. Do I charge for my services?  Yep, but I believe that when you have been successful, you give back.  That is why I offer free, no-obligation telephone consults. Call me if I can help.

On this Sunday, I declare my gratitude for doing the work I love. 

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John G. Self