A viewer recently sent me a text.  Great videos. I just got laid off — big surprise. I was shocked.  I just have one question how do I get started? This company recruited me from college seven years ago. I have never done a job search before.

  1. First, take some time off.  Termination is a huge issue. It is like a death.  So, take some time, if you can, and grieve a bit.
  2. Establish a workspace – a home office, if you do not already have one – preferably where you can have privacy and work without distractions or interruptions. This will be important when you are networking by telephone or interviewing.
  3. Establish a daily routine and stick with it.  Hint, finding a job in this market is a full-time job, so be prepared to approach your search with that time commitment in mind.         

Part II tomorrow

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